Melanie by Kevin Kaho Tsui

Melanie by Kevin Kaho Tsui

Singer Kevin Kaho Tsui continues his serenade of various women with his single Melanie. The love song has him fawning over and falling for Melanie. The soft melodic tune engulfs you with Kevin’s harmony. Which lucky lady will be next on his singing list?

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Melanie by Kevin Kaho Tsui

Melanie lyrics video by Kevin Kaho Tsui

Lyrics to Melanie by Kevin Kaho Tsui

Girl I’ve never felt like this before
Darling it’s just you that I adore
Your pretty face is always crossing in my mind through days & nights
I’ll see your beautiful eyes in my dreams tonight?

The moonlight is blazing down on the dreaming fool
I held your hand and whisper ‘I’m in love with you’
And by the tree we glanced upon the stars were dancing to this song
*Every Breathe You Take* – is where my love belongs 🙂

MAY – I – SEE?
Girl I Love You So
We Got So Far To Go…

May I See.

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