Posted by Rekstizzy x JKey x Hoya

Posted by Rekstizzy x JKey x Hoya

Rekstizzy‘s latest single, “Posted,” off his debut “Fake It Til You Naked” album, features two fellow rap brethren, JKey and Hoya. It’s a misogynistic anthem alluding to each emcee’s penchant for hook ups, group sex and Ichi Umiā€”all while chanting Biggie’s infamous “true f*cking players” line as the chorus.

The music video itself is a tribute to the early aughts rap aesthetics replete with a black-and-white camera filter, girls in imitation Aaliyah outfits, and posse moments that involve eating food. It’s a highly energetic (and entertaining) performance visual with layers of debauchery supporting the idea of uplifting skirts.

You can download the track FREE below:

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Posted by Rekstizzy x JKey x Hoya (contains explicit lyrics)

Lyrics to Posted by Rekstizzy x JKey x Hoya


hollup yall goin too fast my swollen balls can’t handle that
i walk with a limp but you runnin so i’m playin the wall and standin back
some of these hoes is fly why it jus might defy gravity
put my finger in her mouth (Owwww) i hit a cavity?
nah she says its a go but please take it slow
okay fine im wit keepin the traffic signs yellow
hair down mellow corsette and stilettos
i hear violins and cellos singin tikki tikki tembo
the tempo can use some slow motion on that jello
them boobs is the jello that ass is the jello
and after i make em spread she smokes a cigarello
sips amaretto gets up and says lets go again hello
i get so damn emotional
cry while i fuck ya blow my nose like a muffler
touch down when i score do a dance at the end zone
love at first glance like denzel i never been in the friend zone

Eat a cup of ramen when I’m rhyming smoking yoohoo
that lethal diesel leave her stiffer than some new shoes
i grab buns like my hand inside a tutu
greedy with my pussycat i never ran a choo choo
and ya chick know how to fuck like she looked it up on youtube
now she’s in my honda coupe got her slurping on some noodles
and i might go down if it’s clean head new do
damn my moma say mah omblongata kinda coo coo
holdin up their ass cheeks lookin like deloreans
separating cheeks like northern and southern koreans
in less than 8 weeks i had it and then aborted it
i had a great week got a number and didn’t store the shit
1 skinny 1 fat, fuck it ill do both of them
coke and rum, coke and opium got them open
petroleum gassed up droppin E like sodium
so whats the 411 hun

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