Taking a Stand by Courtney Wong

Taking a Stand by Courtney Wong

Musician Courtney Wong released a music video for her song “Taking a Stand”. There are 27 million people trapped in slavery in the world today and a wave of abolitionists fighting to end it. Her music video depicts the cycle that trafficked victims undergo in the United States and around the world. The average age girls are forced into prostitution is 12-13 in the U.S. This is meant to increase awareness on the human wrong that is human trafficking. It’s also meant to ask the audience if they will take a stand against it along with the actors who are already fighting sex trafficking in other venues.

Here’s a few more videos about sex/human trafficking: Justice Has A Name by Mickey Cho, Pieces by Sam Ock x Kero One, and Redlight by Lucy Liu.

Taking a Stand by Courtney Wong

Lyrics to Taking a Stand by Courtney Wong

Nameless faces keep coming in
Stealing her hope, her future again and again
Traded, given and taken, like the market’s top good
To listen, obey instruction is all she’s ever understood

But I won’t sit idly by
As they tear away at her life

I’m taking a stand
I’ll leave my heart open to break for the broken
And carry their pain
I’m taking a stand
Keep apathy silenced to scream through the violence
I won’t let you win
I’m taking a stand, I’m taking a stand

Countless encounters suffocate her memory
As she dares to barely exist, to barely breathe
Waiting for a sunrise that won’t bring a new day
Just a routine nightmare, reality’s way

Passion, joy, and dreams—a legend, a myth
To one who cannot see the light that’s been lit
Chained to this death sentence while the world just denies
The lies they tell me, that slavery died

I’m taking a stand
I’ll take it no longer, this sentence you’re under
I’ll fight for its end

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