Ho No Mo by Leslie Deep

Ho No Mo by Leslie Deep

Earlier this year, singer Leslie Deep released the music video for his single “Ho No Mo” off his “Deep Dark World” album. In the song, he calls out all the hos, who don’t want to admit it to themselves. From the clothes they wear to actions they take, there is no modesty. He provides an oath to leave the ho-hood. You can get the single on Ho No Mo - Deep Dark World or amazon.

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Ho No Mo by Leslie Deep (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Ho No Mo by Leslie Deep

Verse 1
If you wanna know the truth
Let me kill you right now
How you say you not a ho
When your friends ratted you out
You’re unbelievable
So irresponsible
Just inconceivable
You don’t like to wrap it up
That sh*t is nasty just like c*m
You broke no ride that’s right a bum
Where we go this ride is fun
Don’t talk don’t sing alright just hum
Oh sh*t, you’re so much fun
You’re so much fun
You’re like my number one
And I just met you yesterday

Chorus (repeat x2)
Ima ho no mo
Imma Imma ho no mo
Ima ho no mo
Imma Imma ho no mo baby

Verse 2
Just cus you see me Asian
You think I don’t go hard
Just cus I look I’m Asian
I’m supposed to be smart
But it’s unusual
That I’m unusual
So unusual
So unusual
It’s like- who the f*ck is he
When he wanna shake my hand
Then your friend who’s like your best
Says you have to meet my friend Les
He’s remarkable
And I’m exclusive to myself
Don’t put my hands on no one else
Especially if I just met em

Chorus x2


All the hos!
Every single last one of you
Who want to change
It’s not too late
Put your hands up
Put those f*cking hands up and say this with me


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