The Great Food Truck Race Season 3 with Seoul Sausage

The Great Food Truck Race Season 3 with Seoul Sausage

Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race returns for a third season this summer with host Tyler Florence presiding over the cross-country culinary road trip with a brand-new twist: no longer a competition between current food truck operators as in prior seasons, this high-stakes battle is between eight teams who desperately want to be in the food truck business – they have a dream, a concept and insane culinary skills. Each three-person team is provided a vehicle for the race, but only the grand prize winner gets to keep their food truck and a $50,000 cash prize to start their dream business. From mobile mini-pies and authentic Aussie grub to specialty waffles, each team’s inspired cuisine and road strategy is put to the test in city-specific challenges that begin at a Long Beach, Calif. lighthouse and continue through the finale at the West Quoddy Lighthouse in Maine, the easternmost point of the United States. The seven-episode series premieres on Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 10pm.

In the season premiere, the eight teams of aspiring food truck owners arrive in Long Beach and are welcomed by host Tyler Florence, and he presents them with the food trucks of their dreams and matching cars. The teams are then sent directly to the toughest, most cutthroat place in the food truck universe, the place where it all started: Los Angeles. These rookies learn quickly that running a food truck is much harder than it looks, and the seven surviving teams realize that they are in for the ride of their lives. From the west coast starting point, the route then takes the teams to Flagstaff, Ariz.; Amarillo, Texas; Fayetteville, Ark.; Nashville and Cleveland – leading up to a final tri-city New England battle from Boston to Portland and Lubec, Maine.

The sole Asian American team is Seoul Sausage comprised of first-generation Korean Americans Yong, Chris and Ted selling signature Korean-style sausages. The guys, who have known each other since they were young, want to prove to their parents that they can build successful careers out of their culinary passion. Though it boasts a global menu, Seoul Sausage specializes in Korean-style sausages. They want to make sausage not war.

The join fellow Asian American food trucks from past seasons in the competition: Nom Nom and Korilla BBQ

Great Food Truck Race Season 3 Promo

Seoul Sausage Boyz Submission Video

3 thoughts on “The Great Food Truck Race Season 3 with Seoul Sausage

  1. Karen

    Come on, Food Network. Where are the interesting cuisines? Where are the innovative ideas? Pizza and burgers –no matter what flavors you slap on them — are not worth watching. The only one potentially interesting was the pie crust.

  2. john wallace

    glad to see coastal atl. lose. never liked anyone on that truck. they never had a chance.i think it,s between seoul sausage and nonnas kitchen.

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