From Her by Kris Mark

From Her by Kris Mark

Singer Kris Mark dropped the music video for his single “From Her”. He thinks about connecting with the future girl of his dreams. Sometimes love just takes time. Here’s more from Kris Mark about the video:

This video is dedicated to anyone who has ever wondered where that “one” person is. No matter how dreary your situation is, no matter how hopeless or empty your love life seems, there will be someone. It’s just a matter of how patient you are and how ready you are when they finally come along.

Being the first original song I ever wrote in about 2007, this one hits home for me because I’ve always been somewhat of a hopeless romantic. I used to dream of this faceless girl, and every time she was in my dream, I kinda knew she was the one. You can say I searched for her all this time–but since then had my share of breakups and mess-ups. Every time I did, I would back to how much this song resonated with me. All I have to tell you is, nearly 5 years later, all those agonizing seconds of being patient paid off.

When the time comes, it’s worth it–which is all the more reason to keep looking forward.

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From Her by Kris Mark

Lyrics to From Her by Kris Mark

Verse I:
I’ve told myself time again
I don’t need no one to care for me
this reel has rolled by before (over and over again)
plenty of pictures, different faces,
I find myself wanting more

From her, waiting on that love to come from her
From her, countless dreams I’ve had concerning
her and I, the starlit sky, the kiss, the touch I want to feel from her
From her, from her, from her

Verse II:
Am I ready to start this over again
Too much time just flew on by (maybe she’ll seek me Out this time)
Just want my dream to come true
Til then my faceless love, I just wanna hear

Hook x1

Forget my past, know that me and you will last
Girl I hope my words will suite you, ’cause I’ve seen you in my future
I’ve seen the time, seen the place, yet I’ve never seen your face
Wake up it was all a waste
My mind won’t remember a—

Chorus x1

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