Track 1 by Memo Jackson

Track 1 by Memo Jackson

Rapper Memo Jackson dropped the music video for his single “Track 1” off his “Plz Confirm” album. If you don’t know who he is, think of this as his intro track. Shot in his hometown Kelso-Longview, the video shares special locations in his city as he raps about his musical style. You can get the album on Plz Confirm - Memo Jackson or amazon.

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Track 1 by Memo Jackson (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Track 1 by Memo Jackson

Yeah, Mcnub, M.E. Plz Confirm, c’mon
verse 1:
Its a new year, I”m on my new sh*t, you wan’t my old songs? Then go to soundclick, I’m getting new money, I need an accountant, said I don’t got bars? Well neither do you, so I’m a do me, and you should do you, don’t worry bout me, cuz I”m a spit regardless, I”m tryin’ to blow up you’ll remain a starving artist, you say your flow’s hard, my flow’s the hardest, see I don’t do shows, cuz I’ll just write a song, sell it to Chris Brown, and become #1, you think that I’m a dreamer, thats right I’ll live my dreams, one day I’ll have my own street sign, Luther King!

Chorus: You should do you, cuz I’m a do me, I got my own flow, and my own team, write my own songs, make my own beats, Mcnub on the track thats my homie, I should’ve known that you was just using me, and when you see me, you act like you’re cool with me, it don’t amuse me, when cats come around, cuz right off the bat, they can’t f*ck with my sound

verse 2:
Yeah, I rap, I sing, I do, my thing, on the path to becoming great, while these haters love to hate, I’m ahead of my time, I was Drake in 98′ I was Pac before he got shot, I was Biggie before the Big Pop-pa, I’m lil Weezy without the promethazine, I am Longview, Kelso, Methamphetamines, and Who that Iz, mothaf*cka thats me, singing the hook, mothaf*cka thats me, spit this verse and you better believe, that ever since birth, I’m a down ass G, you can’t spit like this, you ain’t never heard no beat like this, there’s no other like my kind, cuz I’m Memo Jackson BayBay.

Chorus (repeat 3x)

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