He’s The One by Honey Cocaine

He's The One by Honey Cocaine

Rapper Honey Cocaine dropped her latest track “He’s The One.” She keeps it real as she reflects on life and her late friend/hip hop comedian Freddy E, who died of an apparent suicide. In a recent interview, she stated “He was just a character, everybody loved him, he was always happy, funny, always making jokes and just living life. Real confident, he was just a good person.” Honey Cocaine spoke about her friendship with Freddy E, “I had a show in Seattle and he was there, so that’s when I met him. He was a fan who became a supporter, who became a friend.” She further clarified that they never dated, “I made it clear and he respected that, he never forced it. We were friends and we had an understanding and we were always there for each other as friends.” She gave her condolences to him by stating, “He was a good friend to everyone and I know that because I met his friends and you know what he was the person that you can depend on, he was a good guy, he had a genuine heart. He was talented and he just knew how to make people smile and in this world that smile means everything.”

She concludes by urging people who have problems to connect with others, “If you have a problem, there are people who care about you. At moments when you’re weak, talk to somebody. There’s people who care about you. Talk to God, talk to whoever you believe in. Talk to your friends, your parents, your siblings, anyone. Professionally, it doesn’t matter, because when you have problems, you don’t have to deal with it by yourself…These battles don’t have to be fought alone, especially when you’re young and you feel helpless and hopeless. There’s hope, there’s a light.”

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He’s The One by Honey Cocaine (contains profanity)

Honey Cocaine on Freddy E

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