Make A Sound by Jerry Jean

Make A Sound by Jerry Jean

Singer Jerry Jean released the music video for his track “Make A Sound”. This song was written in response to public shootings, the Boston marathon bombing, and other events that have resulted in the senseless loss of life. It’s a reminder of hope to the people who have been affected by this violence. He encourages them to keep their strength alive as they seek justice. They will not be silenced.

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Make A Sound by Jerry Jean

Lyrics to Make A Sound by Jerry Jean

Verse 1
There’s a sound over the silence
Someone’s crying out a name
But it’s drowned in all the violence
And the search for one to blame

Bodies on the ground
Who will make a sound?
oh, oh, oh

Tell me why?
Another battle cry
How many have to die?
Make a sound, make a sound

Through this fight
We gotta survive
So keep your strength alive.
Make a sound 3x

instrumental turnaround

Verse 2
There’s a child, on the threshold
His faith is broken, there’s barely a trace
We lock up his brothers, and we shun his sisters.
Profile him just based on race

Break 2
If justice isn’t found
Who will make a sound?
oh, oh, oh

Fallen innocence at our feet
When we missed our mark
They fell, fell in the dark.

A father lost his only son today
I pray, no more life slips away.
Make a sound.

Chorus 2x

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