The Illest by Far East Movement x Riff Raff

The Illest by Far East Movement x Riff Raff

Far East Movement dropped the music video for their track “The Illest” off their GRZZLY Re-Mixtape. After watching this video, working at the office won’t be the same anymore. If you had a bad day at work, it’s time to terrorize the office. It’s madness at this Office Space party. Watch as Kev Nish cleans up the office as a janitor, Prohgress calls the shots as the executive with a coffee mug and golf club, J-Splif delivers the water everywhere, and DJ Virman shows up in random outfits from old lady to a suit with dreadlocks. This office is full of cameos from Dumbfoundead, Yultron, Lil Debbie, Nice Peter, Steve Green, Jazy Paris, Patrick Pontiff Pope, Peter Gilroy, Rawn, Alex Farnham, George Watsky, Wallpaper, Jeffree Star, DJ Zo, and more. Look for dumbfounded hitting more than just the phones and Yultron as the accountant making it rain.

You can get the single on The Illest (feat. Riff Raff) - The Illest (feat. Riff Raff) - Single or amazon.

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The Illest by Far East Movement x Riff Raff (contains explicit lyrics)

Behind the scenes of The Illest by Far East Movement x Riff Raff (contains explicit lyrics)

Lyrics to The Illest by Far East Movement x Riff Raff

We be the illest
We be the illest in here
I know you feel us
We be the illest in here
Illest in here
We so muthaf*ckin’ ill!

[Verse 1: Kev Nish]
Illin’ out from LA,
I be illin’ out all the way,
Got a v-mail from my K-Town chick,
Dat wanna hook up and blaze,
I got OG cannabis (can I bust?),
Girl, one puff will put you in your grave,
Got three pills and four jimmy hats
Cause we don’t kid and play.
Popov, yo, guess who’s getting drunk,
No muthaf*ckas can’t out-drink us,
If you sippin’ that hate, don’t get drowned,
So cold polar bears on my nuts,
Ya’ll know who we be,
I hold it down for the East,
Cause I keeps it pimpin’, Peter Griffin,
Yellow tinted on Z’s.

[Bridge: J-Splif]
Drippin’ on yo couches,
Drippin’ on yo couches,
Sippin’ Tanqueray with Orange Bang we on that Tropicana.
Drippin’ on yo couches,
From the hills to public houses,
If you feelin’ ill then damn you ill,
Be the illest on a thousand.


[Verse 2: RiFF RAFF]
Nice chain,
What a nice night,
My ice bright,
I play the wall like a night-light.
Tangerine tambourine from the West Wing,
The best thing about my room? Versace bedsprings.
I’m in the building,
More gold than Rumpelstiltskin,
Aw shit, look who it is: the white Russell Simmons.
Jody Highroller, Far East Movement,
We so ill, I think I need some codeine fluid.



[Outro: Prohgress]
“I” is for the way these beezies love how I bang,
And “double L” is for the way I blow that smoke in ya face,
We roll on “E’s” and we be easy rollin that bank,
And “ST” is for the Illest shit we rep every day.

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