My Dad is Asian with KevJumba : Episode 5

My Dad is Asian with KevJumba : Episode 5

KevJumba and his dad Papa Jumba are back with another episode of My Dad is Asian. Topics for this episode include saving money, Bruce Lee, & enrichment. KevJumba shares his money saving plan with his dad to save thousands of dollars by quitting college and making youtube videos. (This never goes over well with Asian parents.) With his acting career on the rise, KevJumba gets some tips form Papa Jumba who shows him some Bruce Lee moves. You know your parents are Asian during summer. Summer isn’t for fun, it’s for enrichment of your mind with more classes. Year round education for you. Finally, medical bills aren’t cheap, so they come up with a way to save more money.

My Dad is Asian with KevJumba : Episode 5

Roll Models : Episode 4

Roll Models : Episode 4

The web series Roll Models continues with episode 4 “The Last Strike.” Danielle Lo, Michelle Yee, and Nikita Esco pay a visit to MMA fighter Nam Pham’s Academy for some girl time, while Gina Darling and Melyssa Grace go shopping for a go-go outfit for Scarlet Chan. The models tried to welcome her into the go-go dancing world, but Scarlet’s attitude and wild behavior has been rubbing some of the girls the wrong way. They all meet Jowe Lee at the bowling alley as they chat about sexual odd experiences, while Jowe ties “get to know” Melyssa a little better. A fun night out at the bowling alley quickly unravels into a drama-fest as sparks fly between Scarlet Chan and Michelle Yee.

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Roll Models : Episode 4 (contains adult language)

Celebrate by EQ

Celebrate by EQ

Up and coming hip hop artist EQ dropped the music video for his track “Celebrate” off his “Someday Soon” album. Shot on the SJSU campus, he celebrates the next stage in life after college. He’s got big dreams for his music career and a 9 to 5 isn’t in the cards. EQ states, “Just a story about a young mind and old soul’s indifference towards society’s linear path.” Ditch that traditional path and chase your dreams. Cop his full album FREE here.

Celebrate by EQ (contains explicit lyrics)

Lyrics to Celebrate by EQ

Verse 1

I remember that first day just sittin’ in my dorm
Feelin’ so grown, all on my own
Mister San Jose, welcome to my new home
Every damn day gettin’ faded and too blown

Life of a college man every single dollar spent
Waking up at 1 like f*ck, we ain’t go to class
I know ain’t gotta tell me it’s bad
But I still got C’s and some B’s, toast to that

Tis’ the season for underachieving
Everyday a weekend, the bitches I was D ing (Dining Commons) all you can eating
Like damn mothaf*cka’ swear I’m never leaving

Back then felt like life was perfect
And for all of this tuition the memories worth it
Cause I could give a f*ck about a bachelor’s
I’m a just miss being big man on campus

Hook 1

Put ya drinks up and celebrate
40 ounces deep then we elevate
Put ya drinks up and celebrate
Everybody know my name I ain’t even graduate

F*ck a god damn midterm
80 ounces deep we gettin’ sh*t swerved
Put ya drinks up and celebrate
Look me in the eyes can’t you tell its fate

Verse 2

Fast forward 5 years time flies
Sittin’ screen staring 40 racks 9-5
Money that I never seen paid for tired eyes
Would be happiness for others but I feel like I died

But for now ill be content
Friday is Friday no more Thursday weekend
Guess that 2 bills a day does recoup my losses
And it ain’t so bad with all these baddies at the office

Vietnamese chick, she say I sound so mi dang (means black in vietnamese)
I say how bout I take you downtown and T Pain
Buy you a drank she like you know I’m 28
I say it’s all good I see what I like and I take

Precocious, I mean I’m only 22
Draped in Supreme meetin’ in boardrooms
While I day dream of this college tour comin’ soon
Everybody know ill blow so when I do it won’t be news

Hook 2

Put ya drinks up and celebrate
40 ounces deep than we elevate
Put ya drinks up and celebrate
Working hard all week now it’s time to play

F*ck a god damn cubicle
80 ounces deep like a deal was closed
Put ya drinks up and celebrate
Look me in the eyes can’t you tell it’s fate

See Ya Soon

Forever A Blujay by Starr Salazar

Forever A Blujay by Starr Salazar

Singer Starr Salazar released the track “Forever A Blujay”. Blujay refers to Jessica Sanchez fans worldwide. Jessica’s got a dedicated global fan base. The last verse is packed with the names of the songs from Jessica Sanchez’ album “(Me, You And The Music”. You can get the single FREE here.

Forever A Blujay by Starr Salazar

Lyrics to Forever A Blujay by Starr Salazar

I’m proud to be a blujay
I’ll keep on working hard, stay humble
Inspire the crowd, yeahh
I’m never givin’ up on my dreams
I will keep on flyin’
Forever be, forever be a blujay

It’s about time people to know who we are
We’re the blujays fam, reachin’ for the stars
We’re the best fan base and nothin’ can compare
Coz we keep it real like a family always there
We’re a team and you know we got each other’s back
Just work hard, stay humble is what we gotta understand
Let us all live by the motto everyday
Once a blujay, forever a blujay, yeah!
Never giving up, even if we’re at the top
Sky’s the limits, but we wont, wont, never stop
Goin’ higher! Shout out to our twitter fans
Come and reach the sky with us, never land
The facebook love, well yea, its always happenin
Thanks to IG followers, double tappin’
You made us #1 from a humble heart to another
We’re the Blujays Style, We exist to inspire

Wings spread, eyes open, yeah we’re flyin now
Jessica brings her fans inspiration
Every step to success is a double celebration
Jay, its only RIGHT TO FALL for you, coz YOU’VE GOT THE LOVE
TONIGHT, GENTLEMEN and jessbians are lining up
You’ve got em IN YOUR HANDS, stuck like CRAZY GLUE
You’re like a FAIRYTALE, coz NO ONE COMPARES to you
You travel around the globe, but we’re always by your side
We won’t just DRIVE BY, we’re your blujays for life!
You’re voice so flawless, all your songs so sick
Radio hits, define ME, YOU & THE MUSIC
Started from the bottom, now here we are
Reachin’ for the stars, now you’re a star
Flyin’ over the world, blujays domination
We’re the gonna inspire the crowd is what I vision

Coming Back to You by Manny Garcia

Coming Back to You by Manny Garcia

Singer Manny Garcia released his original single “Coming Back to You”. Through winter winds and the desert, he’ll battle it all to reach that girl of his dreams. Whatever it takes, he’s determined to meet with destiny. His journey might be a losing game, but he’s committed to returning to her.

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Coming Back to You by Manny Garcia