Room by Plaitwrights

Room by Plaitwrights

The Plaitwrights tackle the tough topics of physical abuse and domestic violence in their music video “Room”. You can expect your relationship to end with these type issues. After a night of violence at home, things take an ugly turn. When you’re the abuser, you’re your biggest enemy.

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Room by Plaitwrights

Lyrics to Room by Plaitwrights

[Verse 1]
I keep staring at this picture, it’s a bad habit
it’s of her and her new man, we had one just like it
and now you’re far away, drifted in the white sand
you think it feels great knowing some guy’s holding your wife’s hand?
knowing that they’re f*cking in Iceland
my heart is turning cold, I can’t stand I need a bike stand
I’m waiting till she comes down, like every time when kite’s land
they only thing I hold close, is a mic stand
not too close, don’t wanna wrinkle my cool clothes
yeah I shop thrift, all you hypebeasts think it is too gross
but when I dress all your bitches give me kudos
Music is diabetic, Plaitwrights’ the shot of glucose
With all my problems man I swear I should drink a keg
I feel like Terry Fox when I’m on stage, I always break a leg
we use to have a connection that never ever seemed to lag
I hate it that these kids all thinking they have their own swag
when you ain’t looking right, tell em they ain’t looking right
how could you brag about your hype when all of y’all just look alike
I’m in a war 13s a bunch of generals
my haters are urologists they won’t get at my genitals
they brag about their “green” I know they mean grocery
you can’t afford a chain, but you’re not suppose to wear a rosary
a year ago they called me faggot cause I wore TOMS
now they asking for advice o
n how to dress and more songs
cause when I write they say it’s crazy, and I’m the therapist
forget about Bin Laden I’m killing songs so I’m the terrorist
you know what bugs me most? this sh*t is no where pleasant
man I hate it how a Queen is being treated like a peasant
they said don’t judge by the cover, but he’s a lame book
I stole your heart before, and baby trust me I’m the same crook
fake friends are gay, they can’t give me a straight look
I keep a Vicious Circle of my friends, call me Dane Cook
my sh*t is bumpin right? my face’s about break out
because of all this stress of waiting for her like a steak out
but we ain’t got beef, I know your boys’ a good folk
We ended like Adele’s voice, we ended on a good note
so f*ck that dude you love so much,
please tell me, I’m cussing at me when I say that
Money means more now, not happy with my paycheques
I’m fine with my bicycle, tell Ricky keep the Maybachs
I’m so outta shape, I’m a plain diagram
I wish that I can sing I’d be abusing up my diaphragm
I told Antonio I am dying fam
we have too much in common, we keep on filling the middle venn diagrams
I’m too busy getting my cake on
I know she needs help, I’m struggling putting my cape on
You know I’m silk, so these other dudes are rayon
I sing City and Color, so my life is full of crayons
2nd floor, I live right above the lobby
crying to myself, YEA BAWLIN is MY HOBBY
it’s ok I’m just saying what I’m feelin’
Me her in Marvin’s Room right? Sexual Healin

Who you think you kiddin?
quit saying that you’re happy
Maybe he’s the greatest oh-no
– but he’s still not me
I love being alone, until Im by myself
and I know you still think of me
when you’re by yourself

[Verse 2]
F*ck it cause everything changed for the better
and i know your new dude couldn’t get you any better – than i did
i use to be cheesed now I’m feta
call me david who’s that chick cause all i do is guetta
always in my bed room also what I call studio
gangsters paradise just want everything coolio
I’m eating things that are bad for my health
and I think having girlfriends is really bad for my wealth
LOL I’m laughing my ass – haters give me a tickle
and these girls leave me sour cause I’m always in a pickle
bet I won’t stop till i see the damn reaper
cause I’m busy as bee told her momma I’m a keeper
I can’t speak properly when Im round these hoses
and I don’t smoke trees because I’m tryna smell the roses
I’m walking yellow brick roads- I can’t lose focus
came to the Wiz from the West cause I’m trine amber rose this
My house was flooded with tears like beaver damn
I use to be generous but F*CK IT I don’t give a damn
I spitting ill lines, writing takes time
I hear em f*cking in marvin’s room yeh I heard it through the grapevine
but why am I complaining I told you its time to go
feels like it happened yesterday – it was a long time ago
you’re history but what we had is historical
do I still feel the same ? that question is rhetorical

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