Julia Ling on Chuck

Julia Ling plays Anna Wu on Chuck. She has made appearances in a few episodes of Chuck. Anna Wu works at the Buy More store, as part of Chuck’s Nerd Herd team. The techie geek girl likes Linux and Star Wars. On the show, Anna is going out with Morgan Grimes played by Joshua Gomez. But what about the the person behind the character.

Here’s more about Julia Ling.

Name: Julia Ling

Chinese Name: Shelwei Lin 林小微

Languages: Mandarin, Trieu Chou (Chinese Dialect), German, English

Birthday: February 14, 1983

Birth Place: Southern California

Height: 5′ 2″


Shooting pool, Shooting Guns, Horseback Riding (Western), Painting, Sketching/ Drawing, Singing, Driving, Reading, Modeling, Anime, Swimming, Tennis, Martial Arts, Dancing, Chemical Engineering, Building Computers, Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, Playing Piano

Music: Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock, Classical, New Age, Celtic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Dance: Asian Traditional Folk (Ribbon, Sword, Pipa, Umbrella, Mongolian, Fan), Bellydancing, Pole-Dancing

Julia Ling has loved the arts throughout her life. She started drawing at 3, and playing the piano at 6, and dancing since the age of 9. The Chinese American is also trained in various Martial Arts including Shao-Lin Kung Fu, Animal Styles, and Weapon. Before she got into acting, Julia went to UCLA where she majored in Chemical Engineering and was Vice-President of the Engineering Society. Julia has had roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, House, ER, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and Chuck. Beside being in front of the camera, she also runs her own production company – Silver Rose Entertainment.

Look for Julia Ling on the first episode of Chuck Season 2

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