Daily Archives: October 20, 2008

Scab on YouTube

Scab is now playing in the YouTube screening room. The short was directed by Koichi Iguchi and was a finalist in Tropfest Australia 2008.

Cute, itchy, and hard. Do you leave it alone… or eat it? Whatever you do – don’t pick it! Learning is tough, especially when your tutor has something on his lip.

Scab on YouTube

Yul Kwon at USC

Hear Yul Kwon speak about his experiences on CBS’s SURVIVOR and his work on CNN. Learn how he led a multi-ethnic team against overwhelming odds to become the show’s first-ever Asian American winner! Yul Kwon will also speak about the importance of getting involved in one’s community.

In conjunction with this event there will be a bone-marrow registration drive with Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M). The drive starts at 6PM in front of THH.

USC Program Board Speaker’s Committee/ APASA

Monday, October 20, 2008

7:30pm – 9:30pm

THH 101

USC University Park Campus

Los Angeles, CA

Yul Kwon-Media and Why I Went on “Survivor”

The Tired City

The Tired City by John Chan & Pam Hung was just added to the YouTube Screening room. The film was the Grand Prize winner of the 4th annual TGSNT Digital Story Telling competition. You can watch the short film below.


The story happens to the busy her, and her story can also be your story. She is a character from a fairy tale: sweet, dedicated and rather naive. Facing the owner of Tired Out Incorporation, Bossie, and to earn her living, she pours herself into her work everyday, proficient, no complaints and never says no. The flower in the office is her only joy. But she has no time for it, or her friends or family… then the flower wilts and she comes to realize the true meaning of living…

The short was made possible by The Independent Short Film and Video Awards (ifva). The ifva, hosts annually by the Hong Kong Arts Centre, has been actively promoting innovative creative media since 1995. In addition to supporting short film, video, and interactive media, ifva also organises pre- and post-award activities to enhance public awareness of creative media and encourage media interaction. Committed to developing local indie talent, Independent Short Film and Video Awards seeks to break new ground and push the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

The Tired City

Artists Biography

Postgal Workshop is a multimedia and animation creation team; its client portfolio includes Coca Cola, Nike, Nokia, DHL , Levis, Hong Kong Asian Film Festival and East Asian Games, etc on their mascot design, keyart design, animation and multimedia works.

Postgals been interviewed by Taiwan XFUN, Computer Arts and design book series Taschen, been invited to the Milia Digital conference in Cannes, France, Kinolab in Poland, HK TVB, FM 903 and HK Baptist University to share their view in design & animation field as guest speaker. Adobe CS3 and HKAC has held a workshop in early 2008 and Postgals director John has been invited for tutoring the animation classes. Postgal is also one of the judges for coca cola art bottle competition.

Postgals works have been awarded in HK IFVA, San Francisco Flash Forward Film Festival, Korea Senef Film Festival and Switzerland Fantoche Film Festvail, etc, moreover, its works have been screened in Hong Kong International Film Festival, Taiwan Animation Festival and Japan JVC TV Festival, etc.

Postgals latest creation is to create a mascot family for a famous beverage brands Hung Fong Took, along with its comics and animation for its 2008 promotion campaign. Meanwhile, we have animated Hong Kong Connection in a project with RTHK.

You can also follow the PostGal crew on their blog.