Dr. David Ho on Charlie Rose

A couple days ago, we posted Update with Dr. David Ho – TIME Person of the Year 1996. Now Dr. David Ho talks about the latest status in AIDS research with Charlie Rose.

Dr. David Ho on Charlie Rose

More a boyt Dr. David Ho

David D. Ho, M.D. is the founding Scientific Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, a world-renowned biomedical research institute. He is also the Irene Diamond Professor at The Rockefeller University. Dr.

Dr. Ho has been actively engaged in AIDS research for 24 years, and has published over 350 papers on the subject. Dr. Ho and his coworkers championed combination antiretroviral therapy, including the use of protease inhibitors, that has resulted in dramatic reductions in AIDS-associated mortality in developed countries since 1996. He has received numerous honors and awards for his scientific accomplishments. He is the recipient of seven honorary doctorates and has been chosen as the commencement speaker at Caltech, MIT, and Harvard School of Public Health, among other honors. Dr. Ho was also the recipient of a Presidential Medal in 2001.

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