ISA SF 2009 Concert Videos

We’ve talked to a lot of movie studio and record label peeps in the past and none of them know how to really market or promote Asian American males without stereotypes. Wong Fu Productions and Far East Movement showed that this can be done by selling out the ISA SF Concert almost 3 weeks before. Not only did they promote themselves, but also other artists too like Passion and Paul Dateh. (Yo, movie studios and record labels times are changing.) The ISA SF Concert was definitely high energy. There’s a bunch of times we wanted just to jump on the stage and join the performers. Lots of Asian American peeps were enjoying Asian American talent. The glowsticks never stopped moving. FM and Wong Fu, you guys are ANIMALS. rates the ISA Concert 3 fingers up!!

Far East Movement and Wong Fu did a great job putting this event together and gettin’ their boy Jin to come out from HK They hauled stuff from LA to SF to put on the show. They backed up tha Asian American collaboration truck and just brought to SF. They did this with a small crew and support of their fans and volunteers. That’s impressive!! They guys can’t stop, won’t stop. Even airport security can’t stop them from putting on a show an meeting fans. Although the International Secret Agents Concert had humble beginnings, we definitely see huge opportunities for ISA moving forward. Next ISA stop is Los Angeles later this year.

Read more from out previous post on International Secret Agents SF 2009. The footage for ISA SF 2009 has now exploded on YouTube. had a backstage pass and put together a vid ourselves. Watch the vid and the playlist full of ISA footage. If you see ISA SF 2009 footage, we are missing let us know. Also pictures have been put up by Shinobi Studios check them here and here. (Shoutout to Tom Ngo for the shout out on stage!!)

ISA SF 2009

ISA SF 2009 Playlist

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