Dream Line from The One Days: HK

Wong Fu Productions is releasing some of their shorts from the The One Days: HK DVD over the summer. Today, they released “Dream Line”. (This was recently shown at the 2009 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.) Here’s the synopsis for “Dream Line”

A couple spend a carefree day together with the underlying knowledge that they may soon have to separate. The two share bittersweet memories as they recall their time together in the busy city. From the subway to the ferry, Hong Kong’s public transportation carries their story and also acts as a metaphor for the future of their relationship. Written as a prequel to “The Spare” (VC Film Fest 2008). Shot in one day in Hong Kong.

The short is done in Cantonese, but has English subtitles. With a new deal with YesStyle in HK, look for Wong Fu Productions to do more interesting things soon. Also you can pick up The One Days: HK DVD here. Don’t forget to check out the Won’t Even Start music video.

Dream Line from The One Days: HK

The Spare from The One Days: HK

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