Zero Kazama – host of MTV Silent library

If you don’t know who Zero Kazama is, you will this year. Japanese American Zero Kazama in the new host of MTV’s Silent Library. (We posted this last year – MTV Japanese game show host wanted). The first season of Silent Lbrary has 20 episodes. And from what we’ve seen, it’s gonna be hilarious. Look for it sometime in June 2009.

If you were watching SpikeTV’s “Deadliest Warrior” yesterday, you saw him as the Yakuza weapons expert for the “Yakuza vs Mafia” episode. We’re not done yet. He does movies too. Zero Kazama is in the upcoming movie “Dark Island,” a sci-fi/action movie shot in Vancouver. (Kinda has some LOST-like elements.) Not only did he have the lead role in the film, but he was also the stunt coordinator.

It hasn’t been a easy road for him to get where he is today. Zero’s blog offers great insights behind the scenes in the Hollywood industry. (There’s also sneak peeks of MTV’s Silent Library.) Trying to break into Hollywood is not always as glamorous as it seems. Tune into MTV’s Silent Library in June 2009 and support Zero Kazama.

Zero Kazama Interview with

Dark Island Trailer

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  1. Tresia

    Dame Zero! It’s been years! So happy to see you on the screen. You have come so far from back in the day. Congrats! Take care my friend! Aloha bradda!

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