2009 Miss Asian American Colorado

We got readers in Colorado. Wud up Colorado? This info comes from Kenneth P.

The 2nd Annual Miss Asian American Colorado (Miss AACO for short) was crowned at the end of May 2009. The event serves as a leadership program to highlight and develop leaders among the Colorado region. The contestants endure 2 months of leadership training, networking events, and civic engagement with us, and ultimately show their leadership, service, and individuality in a pageant. The pageant is shaped to break away from traditional norms of outer beauty and image. This is something entirely new and is booming in the Colorado APA community. Some of the service projects include bone marrow drives (like Project Michelle and Nick Glasgow)and Habitat for Humanity

BTW – Congratulations Erika Tanaka – Miss Asian American Colorado 2009! Learn more about Miss AACO here.

2009 Miss Asian American Colorado Introduction

2009 Miss Asian American Colorado Closing video

2008 Miss Asian American Colorado Duacee Lor

2 thoughts on “2009 Miss Asian American Colorado

  1. Quaneken


    Thanks so much for posting our videos. I just learned about ChannelAPA recently. AAPIMomentum also! I'm really glad there are these types of outlets that are available to broadcast Asian Americans across the nation.

    While Colorado has a minuscule Asian American population in comparison to other states, we are definitely growing in a very positive direction. I will continue to try to broadcast the events and happenings in Colorado in order to provide yet another link for the rest of the nation!

    Thanks again for posting this. I truly appreciate it!

    Kenneth Phi

  2. annie

    AWESOME! Yep, you definitely have viewed in Colorado! Thanks for posting this!

    Great videos! Keep up the good work.

    Annie G

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