BaO Eat You Up parody by Patty Yu

You’ve probably seen BoA’s music video for “Eat You Up,” but you’ve never seen it quite like the parody by Patty Yu. (Kinda reminds us of Weird Al’s “Eat It” video spoofing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”.) The spoof is a virtual shot for shot remake of BoA’s video. If you like pork buns (baos), you can relate to Patty Yu’s passion for the food in the video. You can even see cameos by Danny Cho as Kim Jong Il and Lanlin Wong as hot dog champ Kobayashi. (BTW – love the skeleton hoodie in the video.)

In May 2009, Patty conceived and produced a music video parody of Korean pop princess, BoA’s hit single Eat You Up. The Chinese American model/actress spent the next few months editing the footage herself. Let more about how the project came together here.

It’s time for us to get a bao and eat it up.

BaO Eat You Up parody by Patty Yu

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