Sneak Peek at Far East Movement’s "Electro" album

Far East Movement shared a sneak peek of their upcoming album “Electro” at the FRA offices. A few of the songs the FM guys played included “2 Is Better” featuring Ya Boy, “Animal” Remix, and Murs “Break Up” FM Remix. Check out some of the clips below. Other tracks from Far East Movement expected on the album include FM featuring Cataracs, Snoop Dogg featuring FM in “Snoop Dogg Millionaire FM REMIX”, and Hyper Crush featuring FM – “F.U.H.A.T.E.R.” We’ve been cranking their latest “Animal” album, but we’re definitely looking forward to “Electro”. Also props to FM getting radio play from coast to coast for “Girls on the Dance Floor.”

BTW – Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions have officially announced ISA LA 2009. The next International Secret Agents Concert takes place Labor Day weekend on September 6, 2009 at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse in Southern California (the place where it all began). Keep an eye out on our site for details coming soon. (We’re hoping that Wong Fu Productions and FM will have the Millionaire music video out by then.)

“2 Is Better” featuring Ya Boy Sneak Peek

“Animal” Remix and Murs “Break Up” FM Remix Sneak Peeks

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