Jin Au Yeung: The Story

Did you ever wonder what happened to Jin tha MC (aka MC Jin aka Jin)? Watch the video below. It’s a great summary about where Jin has been and what he’s up to now. After all the drama with Ruff Ryders, Jin’s turning point was the ABC album produced by Far East Movement in 2 days. He brought the ABC album to Hong Kong. Right now, Jin’s killin’ it in Hong Kong. He’s even got endorsement deals with Vita Lemon Tea, Samsung, and addidas. Music isn’t Jin’s only talent. He’s also got a bunch of other skills including acting, standup comic, motivational speaker, and political activist. Look for Jin to bring more skills to the table soon. (He showed up at the International Secret Agents SF Concert.)

Nice work on the video by director Todd Angkasuwan, who also did No Sleep Til Shanghai (a documentary about Jin).

You can get Jin’s albums on Jin or Amazon. Also for any UK readers, Jin is back. He’s going to the UK in October. More info here.

Jin Au Yeung: The Story

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  1. Asia

    This was really good. I appreciate that this documentary was made and I wish a lot of people were able to see this because I know many people who still are wondering what happened to Jin.

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