Dim Sum by Only Won

Only Won, the guy that brought you “Cantonese Boy,” delivers a new track “Dim Sum.” The song was a long time in the making. Only Won got the music over 5 yrs ago, wrote it nearly 4 years ago, finally recorded it last year, and just got the final mix. If you don’t get the dim sum food references ask a Cantonese speaking friend. This song will draw a lot of comparisons to Jin’s Yum Dom Cha.

I you like the song, download it for FREE here. Only Won’s upcoming album “The Lyrical Engineer” is scheduled to release November 2009.

All this writing about Dim Sum is getting us hungry.

Dim Sum by Only Won

Dim Sum Lyrics


I like to eat DIM SUM

I’d like to eat it everyday

You can use a fork if you can’t use chopsticks

To eat DIM SUM there’s no wrong way (2x’s)

Mmm… Yeah, DIM SUM be my favorite,

Gonna order way too much so that I can save it.

That way I could have some each & every day
But before I start, you know I have to pray

to thank God for inventing this wonderful food

They should have a DIM SUM joint in every neck of the hood.

For get the quail & manna give me HA GOW & SIU MAI,

have it with GOOK FA CHA or a little WAI TA NAI,

Oh I love it when the cutie says’, “GAY DOH YUN, how many?

just one, any more? Oh yeah got my granny.

Then there’s my ABC bro who can barely speak Chinese,

cept when it comes to DIM SUM he can speak as he please

Ah…America, land of the free in every major city,

I can fix my DIM SUM need. Just go across the street,

I don’t have to cross the border.

Wait…hold up a sec…I have to place my order


Gotta hurry after church, gotta go to Rice Bowl.

In a rush so I need a DIM SUM order to go.

Cut someone off and I almost got shot

but nothing’s gonna stop me from getting some DON TOT.

Ooo crispy crust w/ that egg custard filling

I could eat as many from the floor to the ceiling.

In ’84 went to Hong Kong, I knew I had it made,

cuz I ate six Cha Sew Bows. I was only in 4th grade.

If my mom didn’t stop me I coulda eaten it all day.

But still I bowed my head & this is what I prayed:

give me CHA SEEW in my BOW to keep me burning burning burning

give me CHA SEEW in my BOW I pray

give me CHA SEEW in my BOW to keep me burning burning burning

keep me burning till the break of day


LOH BOK GOH. Everybody oughta know, DA BEAN LOW’s

got no hold when it comes to CHA SEEW SOW.

Oo! Here comes the chicken feet oh it tastes so good.

suck the skin off each toe like everybody should.

Aw Man, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it,…

so Come on everybody let me hear you holla, Shout It!!


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