The Mind’s Motivation by J.Reyez

Canadian hip hop artist J. Reyez released a new music video “The Mind’s Motivation”. He directed the music video himself with a guest appearance by Yuri Tag of Kaba Modern. The raw footage adds to the message in his track. If you like the song, download it FREE here.

The Mind’s Motivation by J.Reyez

The Mind’s Motivation Lyrics:

(verse 1)

now have you ever felt the pain when you’re ignored by your fam?

middle child, young wild, but nobody understands

everyday just passing by, skipping school, changing routes

a bigger picture for the future but I’m tryin to paint it now

all your childhood friends, most of them graduated

I hate it, but you only live once so go and take it

hold the moment, go and own it, take control of your emotions

keep the faith, fix the pieces that were broken

remembering that day when you left out the door

single mom, 3 kids and still no child support?

I was raised independent but myself is always testin me

watching my back and the law’s always stressin me

we gotta eat, survive the streets with intentions

the game is full of fakes, too many seek attention

God is my protection, my perfect is imperfection

yeah and it’s just another lesson to be learned


it’s an everyday struggle

in this life just trying to do me

i gotta work hard for what I want,

it all has a price it don’t come free

you know in every situation

money is the mind’s motivation

though I’m running out of time

I stay on the grind, hustlin’ out on these streets

gotta stay on that grind

and we hustle like everyday

all day, everyday, all day

(verse 2)

I’m growin up you should be proud that I took the right route

the things that motivate my mind, never took a time out

you gotta understand, money is the mind’s motivation

and it can save lives but it drives into hatred

it’s pretty basic, it’s there for the makin’

it’s there so we save it but the greed overtakes it

its pretty crazy what we do to get paid

our mentality is pay me, nothings gettin in my way

I’m a superstar to your eyes and I still need a day job

I still need to get paid, when will it really pay off

ya pitiful, I should have stayed in school and I’ve been a fool

I rap cus it helps me through, you rap cus you think its cool

I’m trying to do me, without making a dance

without taking commands from all the fakes and demands

we all have our values, love is motivation

trust is what it makes it, believe and you’ll create it


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