White on Rice in theaters

The Asian American comedy “White on Rice” hits theaters today and will roll out nationwide. It’s been a hot film on the Asian American film festival circuit. If you want a good laugh, definitely check out this film. Here’s a synopsis of the White on Rice:

Jimmy (Hiroshi Watanabe) is 40, divorced, and shares a bunk bed with his 10-year-old nephew Bob (Justin Kwong). Although this would be ego crushing to most men, Jimmy is strangely unaffected by it. Despite an utter lack of social finesse, he embarks on an enthusiastic mission to replace his ex-wife with the help of his suave friend Tim (James Kyson Lee). The immature yet adorable Jimmy starts searching for a woman who shares his love of dinosaurs and geology. However his carefree attitude provokes the ire of Aiko’s straight-laced husband, Tak (Mio Takada), who is quickly losing patience with Jimmy’s freeloading. Jimmy is oblivious to his haplessness especially when he starts to shamelessly court Tak’s niece Ramona (Lynn Chen). Things go horribly wrong when Jimmy falls head over heels in love with her. A humorous portrayal of a Japanese family’s struggle to deal with romance, parenting, and middle age, WHITE ON RICE offers a quirky vision of a man desperate to postpone maturity–indefinitely.

Think of Jimmy as Joey from Friends meets the 40 year old virgin. Hiroshi Watanabe plays the role Jimmy so well that people will think he’s like the character in real life. (We’ve met him in person and he’s not like the character.) If this movie got converted to a TV sitcom or a web series, we’d watch it for sure. Check out the clips for some of the characters Meet Bob & Tak and Meet Jimmy.

White on Rice Trailer

There’s no meet Ramona, so check out this Lynn Chen Interview about White on Rice

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