Jin vs Dizaster and Illmaculate on GrindTime

We support Asian American hip hop here including the Asian Hip Hop Summit. The main guys on tour dumbfoundead, lyraflip, and L.Satterbrain have been on GrindTime. It was a matter of time before this happened.

Jin is gonna be on GrindTime. (He’s a fan of the dumbfoundead vs tantrum battle). Are you ready to see him battle on GrindTime? A few days ago, Dizaster called Jin out in a very nasty video. Today, Jin posted a video reply to have the battle go down mid- November. But Jin may have lost his mind. Not only did he accepts Dizaster’s challenge, but he also calls out Grind Time Northwest President & Two-Time World Rap Champion Illmaculate the same day. Jin’s challengers will most likely bring up his recent videos (Jin from battle rapper to Christian rapper?, The Best, Welcome to the Light Club) in the battles. It’ll also be interesting to see if Jin’s style has changed.

These battles are gonna epic. Prediction Dizaster will be crushed. Illmaculate vs Jin will be where the action is. Jin FTW.

Update: Update on the Jin battle on GrindTime.

Dizaster calls out Jin again with racist video

Jin battles will didn’t take place at the Battle of LA 3 (BOLA3) on 12.31.09.

Jin not battling Dizaster

Dizaster calls out Jin the mc (NSFW)

Jin accepts the Dizaster challenge (on 4 condidtions) and calls out Illmaculate

Why did Jin call out Illmaculate? Illmaculate disses Jin at the 1:10 mark at Grizzlemania

Jin adds clarification on his video. If everything goes through, Jin will battle on November 16 or 17, 2009

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