If Nothing Happened by PaperDoll

Here’s the official music video for PaperDoll’s “If Nothing Happened.” The footage (all public domain) was compiled by Richmond Chaisiri, Mathew Pulling, and Darius Hill. You may have heard the song in the national commercial for Vick’s Dayquil (the one with the snowball fight).

The band is also giving away a song of the month. Every month, they’re making a song from BALLAD NERD POP available for FEEE. So be sure to check it out! You can download their song “Anything At Allhere. If you want to support Paper Doll, you can pick up their album at PaperDoll - Ballad Nerd Pop or at Amazon.

updated: If Nothing Happened by PaperDoll (official version)

If Nothing Happened by PaperDoll (public domain version)

Vick’s Dayquil ad

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