Ryan Higa at 2009 NewTeeVee Conference

Fresh off the presses. Ryan Higa aka NigaHiga, the most subscribed YouTube channel, talks about his experience on YOuTube. He doesn’t speak much in public, so it a rare chance to hear about what he does behind the scenes. Here’s a few notes from the interview:

He thinks about the audience and what they want when making his videos. (He reads the comments)

Some of the more popular videos include ninjas, fake accents, movie parodies, and his own brand of sarcasm.

The videos are produced with a Flip video recorder. (no high end stuff here.)

Collaboration with other Youtubers are done through email and twitter. (Contrary to the belief that there are YouTube rivalries)

He talks about his past projects (Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure, Ninja Melk) along with future projects (hoping for TV, wants to work with Will Smith, sticking with comedy)

Watch the whole interview below.

Ryan Higa at 2009 NewTeeVee Conference

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