Red Light by Sam Geunjin Kang x Wong Fu Productions

Wong Fu Productions has collaborated with another Asian American artist to create a music video. This time the artist is Sam Geunjin Kang. The guys at Wong Fu make an attempt to be “grown up and sexy”, but not too edgy. The music video was done with no budget just a lot of favors. All the people in the video are Sam Kang’s friends too. They look like their having fun in the video. Glad to see collabos happening in the Asian American community.

Other Wong Fu music video collaborations include Dance Like Michael Jackson with Far East Movement x Quest Crew and Won’t Even Start with David Choi. Next music video in the works for Wong Fu Productions will be with AJ Rafael.

BTW – if you think you can do a music video with no budget like Wong Fu Productions, join the DIY Music video contest.

Red Light by Sam Geunjin Kang x Wong Fu Productions

More about Sam Geunjin Kang

Sam Kang is a singer/songwriter also known as Geunjin which is the Korean name given by his father. He was born and raised in Southern California, more specifically the Inland Empire. Although he has been pursuing music for the past five years, it is only recently that his vision for music has changed. His songs are inspired by the experiences of and with his friends and family who have had a growing impact on his life and his music attempts to showcase those experiences and the gratitude he has for all of them.

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