Help produce The Archives by Odessa Chen

Odessa Chen is seeking funds to produce her next project “The Archives”. Here’s her letter:

Dear supporters, friends, and lovers of music,

As you may have noticed, a little perfectionism, one emergency back surgery, and a large lack of funds has made the time between records stretch on for what seems like an eternity.

For the past four years I’ve been working on “The Archives”, a record that is a real departure from my past work, which was composed mostly of love songs. “The Archives” is a concept record that explores our fractured relationship with Nature.

Most of the attention around this issue has been on climate change and its effect on people. My focus is on what we lose when we force other species into extinction. “The Archives” explores my feelings around this issue, as well as the perspectives of displaced and extinct animals, in an attempt to create more empathy from people and hopefully inspire change.

In March 2006, I was awarded an artist’s retreat in the woods of Oregon where I wrote the songs. I’ve since recorded them with my own funds, songs which include a full band, cello, horn, and keyboards.

Now I need your help funding the final steps that will bring this music into the world.

Making a record has many costs you may not know about. In addition to our equipment, a small recording studio is $550 a DAY. Session musicians, mixing and mastering, and ecologically responsible duplication add up fast; on past albums to about $10,000 per CD. To save on recording costs down the road, I’ve invested in gear so I can record some things at home, but the computer and recording equipment are really expensive too. All these costs make it hard to break even, much less fund future projects.

Kickstarter allows you to invest at any level that feels right to you and brings you rewards in return. If we reach our goal, I will donate the net proceeds from tickets to the Archives CD release concert to the NRDC, an environmental group that protects endangered animals.

If we raise the money needed, I can not only finish the Archives, but explore other ways to help raise awareness around the issues raised by the project. I can even start recording a brand new set of songs for CD number four, “Giving up the Ghosts”!

Let’s make this happen!

If you want to help produce her project, go here. You can pledge as little as $5. For $2k, you can have a private concert with Odessa Chen.

Help produce The Archives by Odessa Chen

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