Help fund Gary King’s film "How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song"

Increasingly crowdfunding/fan funding is the way many artists are using to get their projects off the ground. (We posted a few of these from Nylon Pink, Odessa Chen, and X’s and O’s movie. Each with varying successes.) Director Gary King has joined the grassroots fan supported funding for his next film “How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song”. Read his statement for the film:

“How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song” is a new feature film musical that I am planning to helm in the summer of 2010.

It will not be your typical “song and dance” musical as the goal of the film is not to be a spectacle, but rather a more intimate tale about an aspiring Broadway songwriter who jeopardizes his relationships and budding career after he begins working with a talented singer. The story is relevant in that it shows the artist’s struggle in today’s time — striving for both creative and financial success.

I am thrilled to make a film in a genre that does not get much recognition anymore. It’s something I hold close to my heart. I grew up watching musicals with my parents and was always in awe of the sheer talent of the actors on screen. Even back then, I knew there were a lot of moving parts and hard work that went into creating something so entertaining.

I believe there is an audience out there still hungry for unique musicals with a well-told story. So here I am. Ready for a challenge. Ready to make my next film. Ready to work with some amazing people who will showcase their talents as true performers — as singers, actors and dancers — which is something rarely done on screen nowadays at the truly independent level (yes, there will be tap dancing in the film!!).

However, making a motion picture is pretty expensive even when you’re doing it on the cheap. Costs for things such as audition/dance rehearsal space, cast and crew, film equipment, locations, editing, music, marketing materials (posters, postcards, etc.), DVD’s, film festival fees (the list goes on and on) can add up quickly. But thankfully there is this great website called KICKSTARTER and that’s where YOU come in!

KICKSTARTER allows us to raise money for the film in a fun and organized way. For your kind and generous donation you can get some really cool “Thank You” gifts in return! Things like a DVD copy of the film, CD soundtrack, film poster or autographed script….to exclusive “sneak peeks” of the footage, participating in test screenings or even a visit to the set.

Please check out the KICKSTARTER PAGE to review all the rewards available. If one strikes your fancy, then MAKE A PLEDGE. You won’t be charged a dime (or get the awesome gifts) unless we raise $30,000 by April 18th 2010. I would really appreciate any amount you can give. Every little bit helps. With your generosity, I believe we can do it.

Thank you for your continued love and support for me, everyone involved with this project and true independent (or “fandependent”) filmmaking.

Gary King


There’s various options available including a walk on role for the film. Go here to see the how you can support this indie film. Over the weekend, over $1,000 has already been raised.

Help fund Gary King’s film “How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song”

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