iGoogle Designer Themes

Last year we took a look at iGoogle Comic Themes by Asian American artists. We revisit iGoogle themes with Asian American designers. Here’s a bunch of cool Asian American designs you can pick from:

Anna Sui

Anna Sui has a worldwide cult following who look to her each season for ironic mixes of romantic nostalgia and rock-and-roll glam.

Vera Wang

Designer Vera Wang has long been known for her nonchalant approach to style and luxury. Her design vocabulary resonates with signature layering, intricate draping and exquisite attention to fabric and detail.

Vivienne Tam

Vivienne Tam is an internationally recognized designer providing today’s woman with unique, wearable collections that elicit and redefine worldly sophistication. Known for her East-meets-West design aesthetic, Tam has developed a contemporary collection melding her Chinese culture with the spirit of the modern world.

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park

Mike Shinoda is an artist and co-frontman for rock band Linkin Park. Linkin Park has amassed more than 50 million worldwide sales, a record-breaking string of chart-topping singles, a pair of Grammy® wins, and a powerful international fanbase. These Google themes were inspired by Mike’s gallery art show, “Glorious Excess (Dies).”

There are too many Asian American and Asian artists to list. See all the themes here.

Here’s how to change your iGoogle theme

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