Paul Valéry by Blue Scholars

Paul Valéry by Blue Scholars

“The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.” – Paul Valéry

Going on this quote combined with the instrumental from Fireflies by Owl City, the Blue Scholars release their song Paul Valéry last week.

Here’s a quote from their blog about this song:

Remember when The Future was dope? We were swerving on hoverboards in a neon-colored techno-utopia, planet hopping in spaceships, and dressing like Jesus but with pointy sunglasses.

Now, the future is a post-apocalyptic zombieland, the aftermath of some worldwide cataclysm we have yet to experience. Some cling to the old vision of the future. Others have bought into the new one hollering all that 2012 bullsh*t.

They had a huge response to the song and remixed a video too. Watch it below. For the record, we’re still expecting hoverboards sometime soon.

Paul Valéry by Blue Scholars

Here’s a couple other videos from Blue Scholars : Coffee and Snow and Hi-808

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