Asian Conan Episode 1

Asian Conan

The creative directors (Josh Simpson and Brad Schultz) behind the humor website Funny or Die have finally released the first episode of the Asian Conan mini web series starring martial artist and stunt professional Steven Ho. This long awaited series spawned from the tremendous internet reception of a viral video about a mock street fight between “Asian Conan” and “Asian Jay Leno” (played by Sam “Smokey” Looc) at the Conan O’ Brien Burbank rally. We posted about it back in January, so if you want to see the video, you can check it out Asian Conan vs Asian Jay Leno.

You can keep updated on Asian Conan news on the Asian Conan facebook page. For up to date info on Asian Conan, follow him on Twitter.

In this first episode of several to come, Asian Conan must stop an illegal child fighting ring by any means necessary.

Asian Conan Episode 1

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