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Power Trip Remix by The Fung Brothers x Priska

Power Trip Remix (MUSIC VIDEO) by The Fung Brothers x Priska

The Fung Brothers are at it again with a new music video, putting their own spin on J. Cole and Miguel’s Power Trip with Priska (Priscilla Liang).  Taking you down the streets of Los Angeles, Andrew and David rap personally about their respective longtime crushes. Look out for a cameo by Jessika Van (MTV’s Awkward and the feature film BANG BANG).

Listen to more Fung Bros: Garvey, Valley, Main, Huntington , Friend Zone, 626,Know Your Asian Sauces, Dimsum Song, Asian Food Rap,Still Got Rice?, and The Fung Bros Mess with Texas.

Power Trip Remix by The Fung Brothers x Priska

Lyrics to Power Trip Remix by Fung Brothers feat. Priska

It’s 4am on a Saturday, still awake
Checking ya Facebook page, listening to drake
Thinking, I can’t wait to see you during winter break
Just hopin you dont got a man and I’m too late
Because college aint really quite college
when the hometown girl is where ya heart is
And when i go to parties, I’m feeling kind of lost
Not really interested in girl trying to talk
Damn…So what the hell am I paying tuition for?
If every day on campus I just miss you more…
They tell me dont settle I should go off and explore
Cuz opportunity can knock all over these doors
It’s probably cuz im a silly little freshmen
I can barely finish this text message
I don’t get it, so I gotta grow up
Believe me when I say I don’t really know love

Well this has gotta be the longest crush ever
Used to be hurtin now I’m doin much better
But I can’t lie, think about you all the damn time
To the point that I can’t rhyme, feel me?
You liked bad boys but I was a good one
Douchebag frat boys, I was a good son
Guess I was a lil too nerdy, nerdy
You were a lil too purdy, purdy
Rims on my Civic too dirty dirty
They told me just wait until l I’m thirty thirty
So I can date a younger girl, k-pop wonder girl
Cropped tank top jean shorts in the summer girl
But I’m still on you, still on you
Even though I know I should chill on you
I know that its dumb needa to pull it together
But I think you’re a great one thats worth the effort

Set Sail for the Sky lyrics video by Jasmine Clarke

Set Sail for the Sky lyrics video by Jasmine Clarke

Thirteen year old Australian born singer Jasmine Clarke released her latest single “Set Sail for the Sky” produced by SMASH HITTA and co-written by Adien Lewis, who most recently worked on Jason Chen’s “Snowflake” track. The song carries an uplifting tone as Jasmine sings about living for her dreams everyday. From the engaging tempo and lyrics in this track, there is a strong sense of inspiration and desire to get this message across to all of her supporters across the world. You can download the song on Set Sail for the Sky - Set Sail for the Sky - Single. Be on the lookout for a new EP from Jasmine in 2013.

Jasmine Clarke (Original) ~ Set Sail for the Sky ~ Official Lyric Video

From the Inside Out by G*LEE : Part 1

More Than This EP by G*LEE

NYC-based cross-disciplinary artist G*LEE has released a new three part web series to promote her latest EP “More Than This”.

“From the Inside Out” is the first part of the series, which delves into the root of her artistic background and deliver a deeper glance at her personal upbringing and influence. In this video, G*LEE gives insight to her childhood, invaluable moments, and the moral behind her first EP.

To find out more about G*LEE, visit her website.

From the Inside Out by G*LEE : Part 1

KarmaloopTV article x G*LEE

Jubilee Project: 2011 College Tour

Jubilee Project: College Tour Fall 2011

The guys over at the Jubilee Project have lined up a 3 month nationwide college tour to spread the “Doing Good is Contagious” love. It will definitely be a great way to discuss the importance of advocacy and social change through the medium of film and social media. Look for more updates from the Jubilee Project by visiting their YouTube channel or going to their official website. Be sure to watch their short films with inspirational messages including Love Language, Top Chef, Waiting Game, and Beautiful.

They might be coming to your town, so check below for the dates and venues:

9/17 – Rice University, Houston TX
Farnsworth Pavillion in the Ley Student Center

10/1 – youREACH at UNC, Chapel Hill NC

10/21 – Brandeis, Boston MA

10/22 – BAASIC at Harvard, Boston MA

10/29 – California (TBD)

11/5 – University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, IL

11/10 – Clara C Concert Tour, Boston MA

11/12 – Clara C Concert Tour, NYC NY

11/19 – Baylor University, Houston TX


Jubilee Project: College Tour Fall 2011

Beauty Salon by Lyricks x Sickboi

Beauty Salon by Sickboi and Lyricks

Once again, rapper Sickboi got together with Lyricks to put out a collaborative track titled “Beauty Salon.”  Spitting over RAEKWON’s Flawless Crowns, both Virginia natives grace their hometown with a video that will take you through the 703. Listen to this track as they channel their inner Tribe Called Quest and give you a few deep verses to wrap your head around. If you’re a Fairfax local, can you guess where the spots they filmed were?

Here’s a few more tracks with Sickboi and Lyricks : Take Over The CityUps & DownsLava, and Mynd Games.


Audrey’s Fashion Night Out 2011

Audrey's Fashion Night Out 2011

Audrey Magazine presents “Audrey’s Fashion Night Out 2011,” the 4th annual fashion show and party at Exchange LA. Audrey invites you out to a “night out” of music, live performances, fashion and entertainment. This year, a special shopping area will be set up where guests can purchase clothes featured on the runway along with a variety of other clothes and accessories at discounted prices.

Audrey Magazine proudly partners with Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M), a non-profit organization providing education and saving lives by facilitating the matching of marrow and blood cell donors.

Participating Designers:
-Anh Volcek
-Eryn Brinie
-Dalia MacPhee
-Truth and Pride
-Onanong Swimwear
-Blue Tassel

Catch special performances by dance crew KABA MODERNinternational girl pop phenom BLUSH (see the interview with Blush), and deejaying by Peter Rocks of MY NINJA!

Enjoy open bar courtesy of Ketel One and nosh on delectables from The Novel CafeCafe BleuCJ Foods, and King of New York.

For more information, please contact

Exchange LA
618 S. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

  • 7:00-8:30pm : Open Clothing Market
  • 9:00-9:45pm : Fashion Show (with performances)
  • 9:45-1:00am : After-party

To purchase tickets, visit here. Use the discount code ‘channelapa’ to get 20% off the value price.

2010 Audrey’s Fashion Night Out recap