Raymond J Lee Glee Audition

Raymond J Lee Glee Audition

A couple days ago we posted Sam Tsui’s Glee Audition. We just got alerted that Raymond J Lee has submitted his official Glee Audition. You may have remembered his unofficial GLEE Audition earlier this year. Watch his Glee monologue and him singing “Can’t Fight This Feeling”. If you want to see him doing his thing on Glee, give him a gold star here

BTW – He’s also in the upcoming film The Mikado Project.

If you see any deserving Asian American Glee Auditions, let us know. (Thanks to R. Kearns for the tip for this post.)

Raymond J Lee Glee monologue

Raymond J Lee Glee audition

update: GLEE Audition Promo for Raymond J. Lee

2 thoughts on “Raymond J Lee Glee Audition

  1. Ana

    if raymond were smart, he would have read the terms of submission. in paragraph 4 it states “Videos must be shot in a non-descript location or with a plain backdrop” and if the video “violates any of the below criteria, does not contain both elements above, or violates the MySpace Terms of Use posted may be discarded”. out of the 32,000 auditions that are on there, i’m sure that this criteria will be the 1st that will be evaluated and make the process faster. but, i liked the jacket off thing!

  2. Jay

    What is going to matter is looks, voice and harmony ear and acting last but important. Everybody thinks they could sing but only few are blessed with a great voice. So if you have one you could sit on a toilet and look good , they will take you.

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