Funemployed – Episode 1 & 2

Wong Fu Productions and KevJumba’s highly anticipated webseries “Funemployed” is out today. For their debut, they released a double episode. Follow Jason (Phil from Wong Fu Productions) and Kyle (KevJumba) on their journey through unemployment as they discover what their friendship and chasing dreams really mean. Look for new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

Funemployed – Episode 1 – You’re Fired, I Quit!

Funemployed – Episode 2 – Excuses, Excuses… (see cameos by Kina Grannis, Chester See, and model Lisa K. Fleming)

Blooper Reel and Deleted Scenes

Director’s Commentary on Funemployed – Episode 1 & 2. The guys of Wong Fu Productions talk about how this project came to be, how they shot it, and getting in trouble at Costco.

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