Shell Commercials – Asian edition

We’ve been seeing this Shell Commercial a lot lately. An Asian Kid rocks out on his guitar to the chagrin of his parent in an apartment in Tokyo. The dad unplugs him for piece of mind.

Since we’re talking oil here, let’s not forget the Unheard Voices from the BP Oil Spill.

Shell Let’s Go TV ad – Guitar

Here’s another Shell Commercial. This time riding a bike in the streets of Malaysia.

Shell Let’s Go TV ad – Kim

4 thoughts on “Shell Commercials – Asian edition

  1. J. Davis III

    SAY WHAT? I’d very much like to know what’s being said in this commercial, by Mr. Ohashi and his wife when the kid first cranks up his guitar? Can anyone please translate this Shell “Guitar” commercial? I have a feeling this commercial would be even better with English subtitles for what’s being said. Thanks, J.

  2. Mr Ohashi

    At begging DAD: “What IS he doing?” MOM: “It’s because he’s just a kid.” i dont know the rest (exept for what the shell guy says lol)

  3. Luna vega

    Mr. Ohashi: Mata kayo (again?) Mrs. Ohashi: Mada kodomo nan dakara (he’s still a kid) Mr. Ohashi: Kocchi ga okashiku nachauyo (I’m gonna make me crazy)

  4. dell pittman

    all my friends are talking about this commercial.we would love to hear the song in full.even if you have to hear or see a commercial first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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