Mushroom Kingdom Gurls by blinktwice4y

Mushroom Kingdom Gurls by blinktwice4y

Fans of Mario Kart Love Song by blinktwice4y (aka Sam Hart) will love his latest creation “Mushroom Kingdom Gurls”. The song fuses his own lyrics, Super Mario Bros., and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”. Makes us wanna play some SMB now. Where’s the Nintendo system?

Mushroom Kingdom Gurls by blinktwice4y

Lyrics to Mushroom Kingdom Gurls by blinktwice4y

I know a place
where the enemies are meaner
lakitu in the clouds
and piranhas in the water

Fire in the flowers
and there’s money in the pipes yeah
climb up the vine
and go grab the extra life yeah

You can fly through the sky
but the princess is in another castle
hope you’re ready to die
cause Bowser knows she’s the one that you’re after

Mushroom kingdom gurls they’re unforgettable
Daisy’s yellow with orange on top
Princess Peach is waiting to be rescued
oh oh oh oh

Mushroom Kingdom gurls are so versatile
sports and karts they got it on lock
princess represent through all the lands yeah
oh oh oh oh

yo pink on the bottom and yellow on top
she can bake a pretty cake and she’s super hot
fighting racing sports she’s a triple threat
you think she’s tough, you ain’t seen nothin yet
with my tanuki suit and my magic flute
a froggie outfit and a wind-up boot
I will reach her any way I can
cause without her i’m a plumber
but with her i’m a man



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