Doing Me by Lil Crazed x Phlip x Dee

Doing Me by Lil Crazed x Phlip x Dee

K.i.D Entertainment dropped a new joint “Doing Me” by Lil Crazed x Phlip x Dee. These guys keep grindin’ and hustlin’ in the indie music scene, especially Lil Crazed. You can download the track FREE here.

Guess there’s a lot of people hatin’ on Asian American artists. Here’s some other tracks on the same topic: I Don’t Care by J Reyez, The Pain by J. Reyez, and Pardon Me by Mike-Dash-E.

BTW – you can also download Chapter 2: Famine mixtape by Lil Crazed and K.i.D Cypher – Round 3

Doing Me by Lil Crazed x Phlip x Dee (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Doing Me by Lil Crazed x Phlip x Dee

~i’m legendary, my swagger is unnecessary,
but challenge it and get buried in local obituaries,
i’m a visionary, simply very intellectual,
past, present, future, doing me, you should see my schedule,
a blend of hypno and henny, they call me “incredible”
instrumentals edible, started like the devil’s toe,
and that’s the way bottom,
but i now i got em, i promise i’ll top em,
they call me o beast, (obese) like a weight problem,
i stay poppin’ like acne after 8th grade,
cuz rap to me has been a HOME RUN, a “safe” place,
NICE on the mic might be just why i am a “polite” dude
overflow, i spit it cold, gotta mouthful of ice cubes,
i make the right moves, with poetry and haikus, (3 lined poetry)
go so hard that 3 BARS is all i need to haaachuuuu (bless you),
so haters i don’t buy you, i just bye you,
and stay doin me cuz i CAN (ken), Ryu

uh now haters gonna hate,
but i dont really care cuz i just eat up what they say,
and when it comes to musik trust me i dont ever play,
cuz when i get fed beats i eat em like an entre,
i get it poppin baby something like gun play,
my skills is always cold yeah something like a sunday,
my levels too high and you can never reach out
ya boy shitted on the game its something you cant bleach out,
im in deep now no way you can take me out,
phlip never LEAVES so you can never RAKE me out,
i never fake it out, the game is takin now,
im RARE in the game thats why these hatters STAKE(STEAK) me out
and trust me g u dont want it with phlip,
imma leave you future sunk something like a battleship,
uh and im the man to beat and you cannot beat me,
feed the hate on, fat bastard. . feed me,

yea im doin me i aint talkin bout no masterbation,
when it comin ta spittin im just sicca then a cancer patient,
dizzy always keep it real i aint on no animation,
elevator wit no stops i just keep on elevatin
risin to the top why the fucc they always hate for,
you aint wit the squad then you audi like A4,
V.I.P status everything is paid for,
K.I.D at it, this is what we made for,
they can keep on talkin but we dont plan on stoppin,
you can only win in the game when losin aint a option,
while these haters sit there watchin, we got champagne bottles poppin,
n we celebratin too loud, we dont hear you talkin,
all them silly words go a head n save it bitch,
these succaz keep on hatin n we aint even make it yet,
its all good tho cause all they do is drive me,
like a muhfuccin chauffer sittin in my driver seat.

2 thoughts on “Doing Me by Lil Crazed x Phlip x Dee

  1. Jason

    Pretty good My favorite line is:
    “you can only win in the game when losin aint a option,”

    By the way,
    “sunday” should definitely be sundae.

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