Old Spice Guy Commercials – Asian American edition

Old Spice Guy Commercials - Asian American edition

This past week Old Spice had a brilliant marketing campaign. People could ask Old Spice Guy (Isaiah Mustafa) questions on Twitter or Facebook and he would respond via a YouTube video. Many of the top videos on YouTube the past few days were the Old Spice Guy responses. (The responses were hilarious and massively viral.) He interacted with public as well as celebrities. Here’s some Asian American focused responses from Old Spice Guy:

On Twitter, @ApoloOhno wrote “RT @OldSpice OldSpice I’ve built a new commercial for you, with my bare hands”

On Twitter, ApoloOhno wrote “@OldSpice Thank YOU!! I’m on a horse…..”

On Twitter, @guykawasaki wrote “Old Spice dude replies on Twitter with personalized videos

On Facebook, Pham XuanThu wrote ” We love eating various Asian spices in our meals at home. How can my man enjoy it while still smelling like an Old Spice Man – and not a Cumin Spice Man?”

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