K.i.D Cypher – Round 4

K.i.D Cypher - Round 4

In K.i.D. cypher round 4, Lil Crazed collaborates with Trixx, Skip, Sunny P, and special guest Era. Check out the track. It’s a fun cypher with a chill video to match. You can download it free here. Also check out K.i.D Cypher – Round 3

K.i.D Cypher – Round 4 (contains profanity)

Lyrics to K.i.D Cypher – Round 4

~i’m flowing colder than weather in Minnesota,
get better and spitting bolder, trying to measure to mr. hova,
cuz evidently i’m the boss, relevant for eons,
i’m cold and i’m raw and i spit that heat, so meet (meat) me ya’ll i’m defrost
kiosks, research me and find me in the ER,
i’m crazed and i spit sickness til the instruments i rip get seizures,
treat the beat like dead meat, mr. beat here meet the cleaver,
k.i.d is the team that’ll make you lean like tower of pisa
he’s a, beast they say, controlling plays like EA games,
i drop this “shit” like feces mane so you get “pissed” like peepee stains,
easy mane, it’s how i do it, spittin flames, i’m lighter fluid,
but no lighter needed i just grab me a hold of the mic to do it,
dragon breath, yeah now you now you’ve learned the facts,
it aint cuz I’m Asian the reason that i keep serving cats,
average rappers use cd-r to burn your tracks,
but i just need me a beat and make that thing just turn to wax

coming soon

uhhhhh bitch im back up in the fourth
last seconds no pressure when i step on the court
if you aint in the game now dont be poor sport
cuz your way too little like you bestfriends wit stuart
we winnin i clutch it i shift em you auto
learn where its @ cuz like twitter you just follow
im the type to ball i want the rock so
i go harder in the paint better than picaso
in a different league how im runnin for that first place
on a paper chase around the world what an amazin race
i see they try to copy me but not on my paste
another one bites the dust tell me how does that taste
and silly rabbits i am made for K I D
loyal to my team on a contract forever made by me
you wonderin why its hot the temp was raised by me
so if you start to sweatin u suggest dont stay by me

Knocc knock me again, hip hop citizen
screwed up in the head, oj and jin, telegram
to mr. i don’t give a fuck, haters better hit the dirt
cus k.i.d. is going off like drizzy with his fireworks
@ohskippyskype, twitter format
Crazed doin big, word to my vocab
take a moment, bitch grab a kodak
ima faded darth vadar, darkside cognac
I got bars, everybody at once can limbo
shit on any sex, choose your restroom symbol
you can never top my wisdom, brain or dental
on to the highest peek to scream, haters, fucc yall
fly boy winging it, what are instructions
run cities like movies, call it scene selection
we the real shit, get out the sewage pipes
talking shit is what you like, then here some diapers and some wipes bitchez!

(Sunny P)
im smooooooth so girls can drink me up
haters like sand paper yea they always staying rough
Im coooool like the liquor in my cup
Im like kool-aid on a hot day you can never get enough
look like jay sean but i may sound just a little bit more down
He might not see me but believe me yea hes heard my name around
I’m the hottest that ever dropped it and maintained the color brown
name one person who for certain that can match my skills right now
NONE, YOu can pause and think about it for eternity
Matter fact take a trip do your homework then return to me
not your average brown guy in college getting his third degree
but if being brown makes me a doctor bring this beat in for surgery
Stop acting like u aint heard of me walking by wihtout a word to me
KNowing im with Lil Crazed, you wanna hate thats absurd to me
Preferably we could get along yea thats what i’d prefer to see
But for now step back and relax while i murder you verbally

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