Ming Tsai & Maneet Chauhan on The Next Iron Chef Season 3

Ming Tsai on The Next Iron Chef Season 3Maneet Chauhan on The Next Iron Chef Season 3
The Next Iron Chef returns with its third and fieriest season-to-date. Ten of the country’s most accomplished chefs bet on their skills and put their reputations on the line for the chance to join the industry’s most elite culinary society: the Iron Chefs. Hosted by Alton Brown and filmed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City, season three challenges the chefs’ culinary skills and mental toughness as they enter a clash of culinary titans.

The ten contestants include: Ming Tsai (Chef & Owner of Blue Ginger, in Wellesley, Mass.), Maneet Chauhan (Chef at Vermillion, in Chicago and New York), Marco Canora (Chef & Owner of Hearth, Terrior, and Terroir TriBeca, in New York), Bryan Caswell (Chef & Owner, Reef, Stella Sola, and Little Bigs, in Houston, Texas), Mary Dumont (Executive Chef at Harvest, in Cambridge, Mass.), Duskie Estes (Chef & Owner of Zazu Restaurant + Farm, Bovolo, and Black Pig Meat Co., in Sonoma County, Calif.), Marc Forgione (Chef & Owner of Marc Forgione, in New York), Andrew Kirschner (Executive Chef of Wilshire, in Santa Monica, Calif.), Mario Pagan (Chef & Owner of Chayote and Lemongrass, in Puerto Rico), and Celina Tio (Chef & Owner of Julian, in Kansas City, Mo.).

This season, the contestants battle their way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to New York, for the right to compete in the finale in legendary Kitchen Stadium. Along the way, they will be challenged to showcase important Iron Chef attributes through their food: ingenuity, innovation, resourcefulness, transformation, respect, inspiration, seduction, and honor. Host Alton Brown puts the culinary warriors through eight grueling tests that pay homage to American cuisine. Challenges include: cooking on a desert island, catching their secret ingredients in the wild, dreaming up a 5-star luxury menu and turning ordinary fair food into an Iron Chef worthy meal. The final two battle for supremacy in Kitchen Stadium in the season finale on Sunday, November 21st, at 9pm ET/PT. The winner joins the ranks of Symon, Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto, Mario Batali, Cat Cora and Jose Garces and launches into instant fame as a member of the Chairman’s team on Iron Chef America. The winner begins their reign as Iron Chef with a heated Iron Chef America battle on Sunday, November 28th at 9pm ET/PT.

Ming Tsai & Maneet Chauhan on The Next Iron Chef Season 3

Ming Tsai on The Next Iron Chef Season 3
More about Ming Tsai
Ming Tsai was raised in Dayton, Ohio, where he spent hours cooking alongside his mother and father at their family-owned restaurant, Mandarin Kitchen. His love of cooking — and eating — great food was forged in these early years, while also gaining valuable experience in the front and back of the house. Ming headed east to attend school at Phillips Academy, Andover. From there he continued to Yale University, earning his degree in mechanical engineering. During this time, Ming spent his junior summer at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris. After graduating from Yale, Ming worked in kitchens around the globe. He trained under renowned pastry chef Pierre Herme in Paris and in Osaka with sushi master Kobayashi. Upon his return to the United States, Ming enrolled in graduate school at Cornell University, earning a master’s degree in hotel administration and hospitality marketing. Ming continued to learn varied styles of cuisine, holding positions in the front and back of the house at establishments in Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and Santa Fe. In 1998, Ming opened Blue Ginger in Wellesley, Mass., and immediately impressed diners from Boston and beyond with the restaurant’s innovative East-West cuisine. In 2008, Blue Ginger expanded with a feng shui-inspired addition doubling its size, creating three private dining rooms and the casual-chic Blue Ginger Lounge, serving an Asian tapas menu that features Ming’s Bings: Ming’s take on the classic Asian street food xiar bing, a cross between a dumpling and a slider. Ming is also the host and executive producer of the public television cooking show SIMPLY MING.

In addition to Ming’s restaurant, television and print endeavors, he’s also a prolific designer and product developer. For the past decade, Ming has used Kyocera Advanced Ceramic cutting tools. His Blue Ginger line of East-West meal solutions launched in Target and SuperTarget stores nationwide in 2000 and has continually expanded. Ming co-designs with TruBamboo, an eco-friendly line of bamboo cutting boards and serve ware. The sushi boards, satay plates and various cutting boards are available at grocery and home stores across the U.S. In 2009, Ming teamed up with Kellogg’s to create his Blue Ginger® Multi-Grain Brown Rice Chips, currently available at club stores across the nation.

Maneet Chauhan on The Next Iron Chef Season 3
About Maneet Chauhan
As executive chef of Vermilion in New York City and Chicago, Maneet Chauhan is at the helm of executing the provocative melding of the Indian and Latin cuisines of Vermilion, based on both deep historical and geographical cross-influences. The cuisine is inspired jointly by Maneet’s ongoing research, trials and zest for experimenting and concept originator Rohini Dey’s vision and travels. Maneet’s culinary career began after she graduated from the top of her class at the WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, India’s top culinary and hotel management school. She then interned at India’s finest hotels and kitchens, including the Taj Group, Oberoi Hotels and Le Meridian. Maneet has attended the foremost culinary school in the country, The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, where she graduated with high honors and swept all awards of her batch.

4 thoughts on “Ming Tsai & Maneet Chauhan on The Next Iron Chef Season 3

  1. rhtree

    I hope to be a chef one day and would enjoy cooking with Maneet Chauhan because her style of cooking is so exotic and unique that it really appeals to viewers like me.

  2. jon604

    Tsai already won on Iron Chef vs Flay. Isn’t he considered an Iron Chef already? He should be a Top Chef Master. Even Chef Symon lost on his 1st challenge vs Iron Chef… Most of the season 1 Next Iron chef contestants participated and lost on Iron Chef . They were more well known than saeson 3 contestants.

  3. john smith

    I agree with everyone chef Tsai was robbed.
    This is because he left FN for a better gig on
    PBS for more money. This was an opportunity
    for payback . FN found away to get even.
    Chef Tsai has already beaten chef Flay on ICA and
    had nothing to prove to his viewers or judges.The
    newbie chefs and the judges new that Tsai was the
    man to beat and in a different league altogether.
    I also agree with some of the other posters that the
    goal of the show was to replace chef Batali. This is
    why you had an entirely Italian face-off for the final.
    FN has no imagination and has become very predictable.
    The judges starting with Donatella Arpaia need a good
    smack on the side of the head, too salty, too fatty, too sweet,
    this is the extent of her critiquing skills. I love you chef Canora,
    when can ride your pony tail, I miss chef Batali’s. Simon Majumdar
    is the co-writer of Dos Hermanos, a food blog in the UK,
    big deal. Why is it that we as Americans need judges from
    the UK for our reality shows. “We don’t need no stinking badges,”
    Blazing Saddles. I mean UK judges. Do you see any American
    judges on Uk shows? C’mon we don’t have someone with better
    credentials than Simon?? At Least Chef Symon is a Chef, not an
    Iron Chef, Besh should have won, but a chef just the same. He was
    asked to toe the line by FN and make sure Tsai did not win. The only
    thing he could say about Tsai’s food was amazing but, your plating
    needs improvment. When chef Tsai had the best food or dish,
    they needed to find something else to criticize. They made very few
    comments about plating when it came to the other chefs.
    I believe that the real Iron Chef is Ming Tsai . He is better than some
    of the current flock of Iron chefs including, Flay which he proved by
    beating him. You have Graces,Cora, Symon, these people should be
    on Hell’s Kitchen not on Iron Chef. I think the chefs should have been judged
    on their performance throughout the whole show not just on a single episode.
    I believe that Forgione, Marc not Larry should have been eliminated earlier.
    He clearly made more mistakes than some of the other chefs, but to quote
    Alton Brown, “You survive to cook another day.” Why??? He made some major
    rookie mistakes. Unacceptable for a real Iron Chef. Don’t get me wrong he
    has some talent and might get there one day . This is not his time, experience
    and maturity come to mind. I think it’s admirable that he tries for a home run
    every time out, but baseball has proven that to be impractical and your failure
    rate almost guaranteed. Your best ballplayers hit 300, would you go to a restaurant if they failed seven out of ten times? You would be happier with a chef that triples on every occasion, consistency, with a few home runs mixed in. I’m very disappointed in The FoodNetwork and will not be watching future ICA and Next ICA shows. They have lost touch with their target audience in other words struck out. .

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