Underground Comedy 2010 with Bobby Lee

We’re starting to see more ads for an upcoming movie called “Underground Comedy 2010”. The film is written, starring, and directed by Vince The Shamwow Guy, (aka Vince Offer). It also stars Lindsay Lohan, Bobby Lee, Joanna Krupa, and Michael Clarke Duncan. The original “Underground Comedy Movie” was a cult classic – which was released in 1999 and critics billed as “The most offensive movie ever made” and “one of the worst movie of all time.”

In this updated remake, Bobby Lee plays the naked Asian guy (see the 59 second mark of the trailer). As part of the film, he’s in the skit “The Adventures of Dickman.” (see the 1:48 mark) The character apparently fights lesbians. He can be seen dropping a woman on a table in the trailer. Not sure what’s going on there.

This looks like a crazy film. Look for it in theaters soon.

Underground Comedy 2010 Trailer

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