Bonging Along by Joe Kingston

Bonging Along by Joe Kingston

Joe Kingston put out a stoner track “Bonging Along.” It’s a song about a girl, her bong, and a guy who’s having a hard time competing. The music has some great ukulele, standup bass, and Hawaiian style tunes. It stars Ella Aki as Trixie Fong and Joe Kingston as Joe. Filmed on locations all over Oahu, HI, the music video premiered at Honolulu’s premiere underground film festival Showdown in Chinatown. Shouldn’t this feel good track in the next Harold and Kumar movie?

BTW – Joe Kingston is apparently Maxine Hong Kingston’s son. (author of Woman Warrior.) The song reminds us of these videos Smoke Smarter and After Prop 19 with Lynn Chen

Bonging Along by Joe Kingston (contains drug usage)

(Thanks for the tip Ken C.)

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