Daddy Loves You by Lil Crazed

Daddy Loves You by Lil Crazed

Lil Crazed really loves his sons. So much that he wrote a song for them called “Daddy Loves You.” There are no words in the entire world that can describe how he feels about them. He’s blessed to be a father of two, Alijah and Isaac. He decided to release this song last week on Alijah’s 3rd birthday today (November 20th). No doubt he’ll be giving thanks this Thanksgiving for his kids. Happy thanksgiving!!

You can get the track Daddy Loves You on Daddy Loves You - Single - Lil Crazed

Daddy Loves You by Lil Crazed

Lyrics to Daddy Loves You by Lil Crazed

~november 20th, 2007,
my whole life changed, God granted me a gift from heaven,
and as things were goin’ down and nothin seemed to go right,
the Lord gave me a son (sun) to brighten up my life,
and there he was, Alijah Alexander Ou,
screamin’ and cryin, as he exits out his mothers womb,
and as soon as he entered the room, my lil child,
saw his mother and father, cries evolved into a smile
couldnt take my eyes off of him, couldnt even blink,
even when that tear rolled down the side of my cheek,
take a deep breath of air, and a sigh of relief,
knowing that life is a war and this is my sign of peace,
the eyes of his mother, the ears and nose of his father,
and a heart inside that doesnt need to grow larger,
cuz the love he gave off from that very night
was enough love to last an entire life

~march 14, 2009
i felt much more love a month after Valentine’s,
Isaac James, I remember ya birthdate,
rushed from the shoot so I wouldn’t be late,
80 miles away, off taking some pics,
for the album then ya mama told me to make it quick,
i told her, we need a couple more, i’ll be there later,
then she told me, no Alex, I’m in labor,
shocked cuz you were about 3 weeks early,
so we packed up our thangs and came home in a hurry,
got there at 11, you didn’t come til 8
i guess u just didn’t want daddy to be late
then ya big brother came, couldn’t hold his patience,
he was so anxious just to get acquainted
with his lil bro, seen you then smiled,
actually happy he wasn’t daddy’s only child

~ever since the very first, day of ya birth,
i will make sure, i dont go a day without work,
to keep you away from whatever can hurt,
but life is a storm, you gotta weather the worst,
and when that time comes, i’ma let you learn,
sometimes life is hell, but i wont let you burn,
cuz you’re number one, i’ll place nothin above you,
remember this son, daddy loves you

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