Agents of Secret Stuff

Agents of Secret Stuff
The long awaited short film Agents of Secret Stuff is now out. The Ryan Higa x Wong Fu Productions collaboration was released in time for the Thanksgiving holidays. Ryan Higa is no stranger as the lead actor. He’s been the lead for Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure and Ninja Melk. Combining his efforts with Wong Fu Productions, the production value of Agents of Secret Stuff has dramatically increased from his previous works.

The comedy spy themed storyline follows Aden/Jose (played by Ryan Higa) as part of the Agents of Secret Stuff (A.S.S.). He must protect Taylor (played by Arden Cho) from the Society Involving No-So-Good Stuff (S.I.N.S.) with his death grips and special devices. Along the way, he runs into a host of YouTubers including D-trix of Quest Crew, smosh, kassemg, hilmrawn, and more.

This short film is truly a YouTube effort. Without a big budget or crew, support fro the film came from everywhere. Not only are YouTubers on screen, but they are also behind the scenes. Contributing music to the short include George Shaw with songs by David Choi and Kina Grannis (My Time With You) & JRA (By Chance (You and I)). Even Freddie Wong was involved with some of the production.

Enjoy Agents of Secret Stuff from Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions for the holidays. Great film with no budget. We hope there will be a sequel. The ending scene is something you rarely see on TV or film for Asian Americans. Be sure to watch til the end.

Agents of Secret Stuff

Behind the scenes of Agents of Secret Stuff

Bloopers from Agents of Secret Stuff

4 thoughts on “Agents of Secret Stuff

  1. daewooparts

    flick was good for a low budget film , leave it up to wongfu to come thru ! they do good production work ,i like there stuff better then big budget mainstream garbo

  2. jake

    This is nothing short of awesome! It’s hilarious, touching, creative and a welcome breath of fresh air. Please make more of these!!

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