Bang Bang Trailer with Thai

Bang Bang Trailer with Thai

Rapper Thai of 454 Life Entertainment is branching out from music to acting. He holds one of the main roles along with David Huynh. It looks to be a gritty film about gang life. Here’s a synopsis of the movie:

Justin is a troubled teen looking for a way out of the gang life. His best friend Charlie is a rich Taiwanese kid who lives in the nice part of town. Justin runs away from home after a fight with his Mom and takes refuge at Charlie’s house while Charlie’s parents are away on a prolonged business trip. The murder of a fellow gang member avalanches into a full blown war with a rival gang. Caught in the midst of teenage angst, gang life, and alienation, the two friends find themselves heading down two different paths of life.

The film was put together by Beyond Cinema. If you’re a frequent reader of, you’ve seen their work in the following music videos: the winning entry for Up in the Air music video for dumbfoundead, When the Sunshine Comes by Kero One, and Stand My Ground by Mondega. This is the first feature film from Beyond Cinema. Look for Bang Bang to be released in 2011 hitting festivals in the spring, and worldwide release soon after.

Bang Bang Trailer with Thai (contains profanity)

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