The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 controversy with Nam Phan

The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 controversy with Nam Phan

Over the weekend, the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 12 Finale event featuring MMA fighter Nam Phan ended in controversy. The Nam Phan vs Leonard Garcia battle concluded with a split decision victory in favor of Garcia. The poor judging had the crowd immediately booing and chanting “bullsh*t” once the final decision was announced. Even Leonard Garcia was shocked. Statistically, Phan dominated the fight landing 122 strikes vs Garcia’s 66. In the power strike category, Phan landed 66 vs 39 for Garcia. Overall. Phan landed 49% of his strikes vs 23% for Garcia.

When Joe Rogan interviewed Nam Phan after the fight, he exclaimed “Asian brother can’t get no love man.” (This will be a catch phrase for some time to come. See the 4 minute mark.) The controversy might be a blessing in disguise as Nam Phan’s popularity has soared after the loss. Not only has he won more fans, but UFC President Dana White also paid him the win bonus for the fight. Look for more MMA fights from Nam Phan soon.

“Asian brother can’t get no love man”

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