Asians in Library : Racist Rant by Alexandra Wallace

Asians in Library : Racist Rant

UCLA student Alexandra Wallace isn’t going to have a pleasant time on campus after the racist rant she posted on YouTube. In her 3 minute video she posted on Sunday afternoon, she makes negative comments about Asian students and their families including mocking their language (the ever annoying ching chong stuff) and comments on the tsunami. Her main peeve are the hordes of Asians talking on their cell phones in the library. (ummm, she realizes she just offended about 33% of the campus, right?) The video has gone viral with no end anytime soon. Although the original video was taken down, copies of it are floating online including remixes, video comments, and spoofs. (We expect it to hit TV and the news by Monday.)

UCLA is already investigating Alexandra Wallace. Evidently, her phone number in the university directory has already been connected.

Asians in Library : Racist Rant


UCLA student Alexandra Wallace issued a brief apology for her Asian in the Library rant:

Clearly the original video posted by me was inappropriate. I cannot explain what possessed me to approach the subject as I did, and if I could undo it, I would. I’d like to offer my apology to the entire UCLA campus. For those who cannot find it within them to accept my apology, I understand.

Before her apology came out, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block had to issue his own statement that he was appalled by her video that disparaged Asians.

The Asian Pacific Coalition at UCLA also sent their response to the Daily Bruin, the UCLA student paper. Here’s the main points (don’t counter hate with more hate):

As a community, we should respond with the grace, sensitivity and civility afforded us through the manners we learned from our parents, and their parents before them. Hence, as a community, we demand the following:

1) We call for a public apology from Alexandra Wallace. Her words and actions are not in line with the UCLA Student Code of Conduct.
2) We call for UCLA to take the appropriate disciplinary measures befitting of Wallace’s violation against the UCLA Student Code of Conduct and UCLA’s Principle of Community
3) We call for UCLA to issue a statement addressing this incident. UCLA must demonstrate its commitment to a culture of diversity, respect, tolerance, and acceptance for all communities by standing against such acts.
4) We call for the UCLA Academic Senate to pass a requirement in the general education curriculum grounded in the UCLA Principles of Community.

4 thoughts on “Asians in Library : Racist Rant by Alexandra Wallace

  1. joshua A

    yea i saw this last night and it pissed me off but @ the same time i felt sorry for her since she’s obviously to ignorant to know she was being racists, i think this is partly her parents fault for not showing her cultures and people outside of her AMERICAN culture…! lol
    not gonna lie she kind of stupid…IDK how she got in college TBH! lol

  2. Mike Price

    I am very upset with her video myself and as a white person I feel ashamed that there are those out here that have such ignorant view of “Asians”. Hopefully, this world will change for the better in the near future. However, if this girl and others still can’t see the world is one even after such disasters as in Japan then im afraid we are not moving in the right direction

  3. Ka Sia Cha

    This girl or whoever she is, needs to understand what she have done!I dont care if she had apoligized or not, its still not helping us asians. it’s very rude of her talking about us asians. Who cares if we don’t have american manners in the library, there are just shocking moments that happens occuring in other peoples lives in just one phonecall away. You know what, if it happens into your life, where something bad happens and one of your relatives called you and had told you that something bad had happen. You too would be shocked at the moment!. Oh sure! i guess that’s how your mother had raised you. being so rude and disrespectful to other different colored people.

  4. UCLA grad

    She (Alexandra) sure is short sighted… that youtube is going to kill her chance of getting a job after graduating (assuming she graduates or even goes to UCLA). I dont know of any company that will hire anyone with history of public racist comments… its a legal liability. Unless she gets a job with the KKK.

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